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            Worried About the TOEFL?

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            Hours 60 to 100: Advance up to Practice Difficult Questions from Core to Advanced to Mastery.

            Final Step: Lose Fear, Gain Confidence, Master the TOEFL.

            My Reading score improved by 10 points after practicing using PrepScholar. I know how to quickly memorize and guess for answers.

            Diego (Monterrey, Mexico)

            Kaori (Tokamachi, Japan)

            My instructors reviewed my answers and told me exactly how I should change to score higher using English knowledge I already know. 

            Sherry (Xiamen, China大中华彩票代理)

            26 on Speaking

            Very grateful for your help. I was nervous to speak but you helped me gain confidence! 

            <3<3<3 非常感谢 <3<3<3

            Alessa (Arequipa, Peru)

            30 on Listening

            I'm applying for an MBA. I got a perfect score on Listening thanks to PrepScholar!

            Muchas gracias!!

            Azim (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

            27 on 

            I needed at least a 100 to qualify for scholarships and PrepScholar got me there! 

            شكرا على مساعدة حضرتك.

            Vivek (Hyderabad, India)

            28 on

            I scored a 22 before but you taught me to structure and write persuasively!

            आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

            We summarized the most effective tips into a book. Download the BEST advice for free.

            Free eBook: 5 Strategies to Improve 15+ Points

            Yes, I Want It.

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            The TOEFL section I was most worried about was Spoken, and I have to say: thank you for helping me score a 28! I do think that PrepScholar is awesome to keep you on track, having clear every day on what you have to study and actually see your accomplishment by the end of each study session. I would surely recommend PrepScholar to family and friends.

             Daniela Vasquez, Honduras