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  1. 2019年1月7日

    Struggling with TOEFL Integrated Writing topics? We explain what prompts you ll see, how to attack them, and where to practice so you're fully prepared.

  2. 2019年1月4日

    Struggling to learn English vocabulary? We explain the best ways to learn English words, plus offer tips on making a vocab list to work from.

  3. 2019年1月3日

    Not sure if you need to study grammar for TOEFL? We explain the key TOEFL grammar rules you need to know and how they'll help you on the exam.

  4. 2019年1月2日

    Not sure how to get a student visa? We walk you through the US student visa application process and offer tips on ensuring you get approved.

  5. 2019年1月1日

    Not sure if you need to take the TOEFL or GRE? Both? We explain the differences between the GRE and TOEFL and which test you need to take.

  6. 2018年12月31日

    Studying TOEFL strategies as you prep for the exam? Our complete list of the best TOEFL tips will help you ace every part of the test.

  7. 2018年12月28日

    Want to make sure your TOEFL score report gets to schools? We explain how to send TOEFL scores, how much reports cost, and how long they take to arrive.

  8. 2018年12月27日

    Questions about how to register for TOEFL test dates? We walk you through the TOEFL registration process and address common issues.

  9. 2018年12月26日

    Not happy with your TOEFL score? Then you might want to get a TOEFL rescore.

  10. 2018年12月25日

    If you want a great TOEFL prep book to guide your studies, consider buying Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test.

  11. 2018年12月24日

    What’s a good TOEFL score for Harvard? Is there a TOEFL Harvard minimum you must meet in order to qualify for admission as an undergraduate or graduate student? Who has to take the TOEFL?

  12. 2018年12月21日

    Meet our TOEFL team :)

  13. 2018年12月20日

    Check out the prices for our industry-leading TOEFL course. Ace the TOEFL today!

  14. 2018年12月19日

    Knowing how to pass TOEFL test day is critical for international students who want to an attend English-speaking school. But what does “passing the TOEFL” really mean? Is there a certain TOEFL passing score everyone must get?

  15. 2018年12月18日

    You’ll need a strong vocab to do well on the TOEFL, but learning the words you need to know can be tough. Luckily, you don’t need to spend time reading a dictionary because we have much better ways for you to learn TOEFL vocab words!

  16. 2018年12月17日

    TOEFL test day can be as exciting as it is terrifying. But as long as you’re confident and prepared, you’ll have a great TOEFL test experience.

  17. 2018年12月14日

    Barron’s is a popular and well-established producer of test prep books, but how good is their TOEFL book?

  18. 2018年12月13日

    What's a good TOEFL score?

  19. 2018年12月12日

    TOEFL Score Requirements. Learn all about them!

  20. 2018年12月11日

    Need to take the TOEFL for school? Then you might be wondering whether a TOEFL 100 is a good score. Is 100 high enough to get you admitted to your schools? Or should you aim higher?



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